All purchases made in the NoPvP store are final. Once you have received your bought product in-game you are no longer eligible for a refund. Chargebacks are strictly forbidden.

If there are some problems with your product feel free to contact our support.


By agreeing to our TOS you are stating that,

- You have parental permission incase you are underaged.

- You are allowed and have the authorization to use Paypal and/or the debit/credit card you are paying with.

- You will not open a chargeback claim or dispute. 

- We reserve the right to remove your perks in case they are abused.

- You understand and are aware that there are no refunds for any of our products.

- You agree to everything stated in this TOS

If you do not agree with these terms don't purchase a product or make a donation.


Any Chargebacks will result in a blacklist and ban from the NoPvP server and store!